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Town Officials

The Town of Gouverneur is governed by a Town Council and a Town Supervisor. The Council consists of four elected councilmen and one elected supervisor. The Village of Gouverneur is governed by four elected trustees and one elected mayor. St. Lawrence County is governed by a board of 15 elected legislators, one of which serves as the chairman.



David Spilman Jr.


Council Members

Curran Wade

Jaimee McQuade

Jay Bowhall


Town Clerk

Marion Bowhall


Highway Superintendent

David Perrigo



Sherry Geer


Code Enforcement Office

Rick Wood


Dog Control Officer

Dan Moyer

Data Collector

Phyllis Shaw

Town Clerk's Hours

Monday - Friday

9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

2023 Meeting Schedule

10-Jan    Organizational    5:00 PM
10-Jan    Regular    6:00 PM
27-Jan    Economic (if needed)    12:00 PM

14-Feb    Regular    6:00 PM
24-Feb    Economic (if needed)    12:00 PM

14-Mar    Regular    6:00 PM
24-Mar    Economic (if needed)    12:00 PM

11-Apr      Regular    6:00 PM
28-Apr    Economic (if needed)    12:00 PM

9-May     Regular    6:00 PM
26-May    Economic (if needed)    12:00 PM

13-Jun    Regular    6:00 PM
23-Jun    Economic (if needed)    12:00 PM

11-Jul    Regular    6:00 PM
28-Jul    Economic (if needed)    12:00 PM

8-Aug      Regular    6:00 PM
25-Aug    Economic (if needed)    12:00 PM

12-Sep    Regular    6:00 PM
22-Sep    Economic (if needed)    12:00 PM

10-Oct    Regular    6:00 PM
27-Oct    Economic (if needed)    12:00 PM

14-Nov    Regular    6:00 PM
24-Nov    Economic (if needed)    12:00 PM

12-Dec    Regular    6:00 PM
22-Dec    Economic (if needed)    12:00 PM
28-Dec    Year End Meeting    6:00 PM

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